Federal Training for Turner Subcontractors

Course Description:

When performing on government projects, it is not only necessary for Turner employees to understand the requirements and regulations, but also for Turner's subcontractors to have this understanding. Turner expects its subcontractors to:

  1. perform work in accordance with the contract documents
  2. adhere to the schedule
  3. comply with all applicable statutes, regulations and contract clauses including Davis-Bacon, Buy American Act, Small Business Subcontracting and EEO requirements.
This course will provide an overview to subcontractors of these expectations.

SUBCONTRACTOR REQUIRED: Subcontractor principals whose companies are in a subontract relationship with Turner on direct federal contracts only and/or their assigned project managers and/or their assigned senior supervisory personnel; this training is not required on indirect federal contracts; training is required one time for each of Turner's direct federal contracts in which the subcontractor is participating.


Upon completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what is required on a government contract project
  • Identify documentation required by subcontractors
  • Describe Turner's expectations of subcontractors

Who Should Attend?

Turner Subcontractors; Once for designated subcontractor personnel on each Turner direct federal contract


Delivery Method:
Web-based - Self-paced

Estimated Course Length:
.5 Hour